Calling all Friends of the Forest

by Piccadilly HillBilly

It seems almost impossible in this day and age to get anywhere without the aid of instagram, twitter, facebook, myspace or blogging. Hopeless as I am when it comes to anything remotely technological, I have already followed the crowd with the first three. And so, abandoning the last of my dying protests, I have decided to take one final plunge into the mysterious world that is social media, and start writing a blog as well.

So here I am in the garden at home. Writing my first post. Accompanied by a Pimms. Who knows, perhaps I will gain a multitude of devoted followers, become the next ‘big thing’ on the blogging scene, and hire a PR agent all of my very own. Chances are probably not, nevertheless it will give me something to do whilst I try and secure my first job in the Bright Lights of London Town. But being a farm girl at heart, I hope to regale you with tales of both country and city, from cockerels to cocktails. And if, like me, you have a heartfelt love for (good) Art, Travel, Gastronomy and the glorious eccentricity of Britain that miraculously marries cosmopolitan cool with rural lunacy like no other, then read on my pretties, read on.