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Grow Your Own!

Before heading back to London for the week I always stock up from the Veg Garden. We grow a lot of our own veg at home and I urge you to do the same if you have the space. It tastes infinitely better than the packaged stuff you get in Supermarkets and I love the fact you don’t have to pay a penny for it. Plus there is something hugely satisfying about preparing a meal with food grown on your own turf.

Here’s this weeks supplies:


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The Red Lion, Britwell Salome

red lion

The Great Epiphany to start a blog with which to record my various ramblings fell suitably on my 23rd birthday. Naively assuming I would spend a blissful day lounging by the pool, fuelled by endless jugs of Pimms and steaks on the Barbie, these plans were very soon scuppered as I awoke in the early morning to a barrage of rain that hammered the roof with such ferocity that, for one panic-stricken moment, I was sure we were under heavy artillery fire. By 11, it was clear the day was not set to improve and so determined to not be beaten into submission by a little rain, we decided to walk to a local pub instead. Now when I say local pub, this ain’t just any old local pub. No. This is The Red Lion at Britwell Salome. The apogee of all pubs. This is what all pubs should be like in pub heaven. With food so mouth-wateringly, belly-achingly delicious it’s no surprise it was named best food pub in the South-East and London in the Great British Pub Awards last month. And so, with memories of the long, hazy summer days fast fading and in true British fashion, we set of at a march through the drizzle, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle and three dogs in tow.  Read the rest of this entry »